MSMEs and SMEs are the backbone of the Indian economy.

However, shopkeepers get so caught up in tedious day-to-day
tasks, leaving them with no time to consider the bigger picture –
focus on building their business.

Enter Zadinga

An app with a simple but clear vision: empower local shopkeepers & businesses to establish their online presence and expand their reach across the country. HOWL brought this vision to life with a custom
series of shopkeepers whose success stories would embody Zadinga’s offerings. It was time to raise the shutter to new possibilities.


Interest Sets

We regulated Geographical bifurcation of budgets. And over time, we short-listed 10 interest sets that gave
the maximum number of quality results & focused on only these target audiences for all cities.

Multiple Creatives

Statics, Carousels & Short-Videos with varied messaging were disseminated across different channels
for benchmarking & selecting which channels would give us lowest cost/click & cost/install.

Cost Per Install

We targeted Google as our Primary channel for Quantity of installs & META as the regulator of Quality Installs as these were specific Interest & Communication led Users. So, the cost/install is maintained using Google UAC Campaigns & Funnel Quality was maintained by META Campaigns.


Cost per 1000 Impressions was reduced by 157%, broadening our
top funnel.

A/B Testing of different messaging helped us understand that ‘Setting up online shop POS system’ & ‘Easy billing options’ interested more users with a CTR of around 4-5%.

We brought down the
Cost Per Install between
₹75 to ₹80 , while scaling our Signed-up User Base by 86%.

Meet the Characters

Use of patterns:

Character Films:

Singh Saab




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