Fitness and its adoption in a digital India skyrocketed. Protein suddenly found itself in the limelight. Its consumption however needed to evolve. Aquatein was all warmed up to revolutionise how our body absorbs protein. In an industry dominated by powders and bars, HOWL took on the challenge of launching India’s first ever protein infused water. Disruption and results followed.


AQUATEIN’s website design captured the intensity of the product. Action oriented, it created a strong purchase mechanism allowing users to personalise their protein requirements based on their routines and taste buds.

Integrating a one of a kind subscription service, designed to deliver personalised orders on a weekly basis.

100 Subscriptions

availed during first month of website launch

5000+ Checkouts

achieved during the course of the project

3% E-Commerce Conversation

the Indian benchmark stands at 1.4%

Creating A Conversation, Building A Community.

Aquatein set the bar and put into perspective the hunger for innovation the consumer demanded. With over 40 Lacs of revenue generated at 1/4th the cost of media inputs, Aquatein was ready to flex.

₹ 10,00,000

Earned online in the first three months


ROI generated in the first month

52% Retention Rate

From customers to brand evangelists