Video Editor/Creator


Job Description:

First things first – what is HOWL? No, we’re not just another agency, and yes, you’ve probably heard that from every other agency. That being said, the next few sentences will try to articulate what our vision at HOWL is, and if it strikes a chord, we’d love to hear from you. What drives us is simple – the need to create. Create teams, create processes, and in turn create our very own brands and products.


  • Be on time, be dependable and always ask questions
  • Work with your fellow designers and assigned copywriters  to create new and refreshing designs and creatives
  • Brainstorm and ideate content creatives  with your brand teams
  • Suggest innovations and live outside the box
  • Piece together raw footage from the cinematographer and sound recorder to create a unique and exciting story
  • Work on pitches to bring in newer projects and brands
  • Most importantly, you will push yourself to deliver quality
  • Someone who is hungry to learn 
  • Not afraid to share creative input 
  • Don’t shy away from being critical
  • Has a data-driven mindset and a creative heart
  • Thrive in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment
  • Someone who sees design as a form of expression irrelevant to the platform but relevant to the product, brand, and user experience
  • Eager to learn and explore new aspects of design and implement them
  • Skilled in filmmaking and understands all the components of video production, including sound, music, visuals, and point of view
  • Most of all, someone who is willing to learn something new every day, try new things, and not afraid to be wrong

It’s important that work goes beyond task lists and deadlines. You’ll be entering a workplace packed with creative thinkers and tenacious individuals. Learning will be exponential, we’ll make sure of it too. Weekly learning sessions as well as conversations with the founders will only add to your skillset and perspective.

Job Category: Design
Job Location: Mumbai

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