A leading leather house offering modern designs and fashion accessories with over three decades of expertise, Eské Paris is designed in Paris by Pieter Ary Bakker and handcrafted with finesse in India, utilising ingenious techniques, blending the best of both worlds.


While Eské Paris pioneered in craftsmanship and design, the lack of visibility and a defined brand identity as a luxury handcrafted leather brand resulted in poor sales.


We created a universe around Eské Paris that cemented them as a leather lifestyle brand. Using a distinctive visual language and communication, their online presence peaked as did their brand image. Their products became a conversation starter for every individual carrying an Eské Paris luxury piece.



To create conversation around Eské Paris, we launched CULT, a lifestyle digital publication. CULT acted as a de-facto content repository that consisted of various categories such as fashion, lifestyle, art and culture around leather luxury fashion. The USP of CULT was the tapestry section where leather techniques and the evolution of various handbags was covered.

Weekly newsletters were executed, communicating brand image using a mix of both stories and products.

The heritage and expertise that Eské Paris brings to the table was depicted through a well crafted design and communication strategy. We adopted a grid based strategy on Instagram to maintain uniformity and aesthetics.

We brought Eské Paris’ bags to life by synergising them with a sonnet each.

We launched a new e-commerce driven website keeping in mind the international appeal that the brand intended to create.

We turned Mother’s Day into a month long celebration with a campaign called ‘Mother’s May’, showcasing some of our favorite bags from the Eské Paris collection.


We adopted bold communication and product display strategy to promote the End OF Season Sale through standees, facade, escalator branding and billboards. A sensory test using leather swatches was conducted to promote the various leather used to curate the SS’18 collection.


An amalgamation of strategies helped give Eské Paris’ brand story a new look. Encapsulating the understanding of European high fashion with regards to luxury apparel along with an insight to Indian luxury consumption patterns, the positioning of the brand was uplifted culminating in a multi channel brand identity.