BIRCH is a personalised formal wear platform for men that allows users to customise formal attire. Their parent company comes with over 30 years of expertise, giving Birch a firm industry background and infrastructure aligned with international standards.


Over 70% of website traffic is now accessed via mobile or tablet devices. User interface for formal customisation is limited by lack of screen space. As BIRCH was a new entrant in the market, a stand out user experience had to be generated to ensure it wasn’t perceived as just another bespoke tailoring brand.


We created an ambitious yet powerful user experience, helping users seamlessly customise their shirts on the go. Keeping in mind most of our traffic would be via mobile and tablet devices, a mobile first approach was taken in the development of Birch’s UI. To further separate Birch from the herd, potential customers were offered the services of a concierge service that delivered the experience of touch and feel before a purchase was made.


A mobile first approach was taken keeping the UI in mind based on insights gathered.

The number of options were restricted. This was done as users respond well to limited and detailed choices given to them as opposed to unnecessary choices.

The selection flow created was extremely intuitive, allowing seamlessly movement through various choices.

The use of conceptualised line icons. Simple and clean, these classic icons were given grey overlays. Darker shades were opted to create contrast with the backdrop of the shirt and fabrics.

A black UI ensure icons stand out.